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There are SAFEGUARDING PROCEDURES IN PLACE.  We have set some initial safeguarding procedures in place for the coming Sundays. We ask that you review those in advance and please follow them. We are aware that there are persons who will be attending that are choosing to come based on the procedure in place…so let’s do our best to do this and even more!

Here are the Safeguarding’s that were recommended:

Procedures for Reopening Church for On-Site Services

  • Ushers will be outside the three main doors and act as greeters.
  • Doors will be blocked open so that no one has to touch door handles.
  • Inside the entrance doors will be table, on which will be placed collection plate and bulletins:
    1. Place donation in collection plate and
    2. Take a bulletin.
  • Proceed to Pre-Marked pews (Marked with boxes of tissues). If tissues are used for any reason take the home with you for disposal.
  • Family units will sit together, maintain social distancing between all others.
  • No one will be beyond the chancel rail except the pastor:
    1. Scripture reader lectern will be pre-place in designated area,
    2. Acolytes will light candles prior to the arrival of the pastor,
    3. And will extinguish candles after the pastor’s departure.
  • During joys and concerns and children’s time microphones will not be used. Pastor will take notes for joys and concerns.
  • All congregants will be dismissed (from the back) by the ushers.
  • DO NOT congregate at the back of the sanctuary, please take all discussions outside, but do not block path for anyone to their vehicles.

These procedures are necessary for the protection of our CHURCH FAMILY.

If you can’t join us in person, feel free to join our zoom meeting Sunday Morning Church Service 7-5-20
10:45 AM —  Click on LINK to join this service:
(you can enter without a camera on your computer, but will need a microphone or built in)
By Phone: (1) DIAL:  1-312-626-6799   (2) ENTER MEETING # : 824 2981 5045    (Different code for each event)


Tuesday Night VESPERS 7-7-20

8:00-8:13PM  By Computer – Click on LINK to join this service:


(you can enter without a camera on your computer, but will need a microphone or built in)

By Phone: (1) DIAL:  1-312-626-6799   (2) ENTER MEETING # :  889 9913 4615 (Different code for each event)

Wednesday AM Virtual COFFEE w/ the PASTOR 7-8-20

10:00 AM  By Computer – Click on LINK to join this service:


(you can enter without a camera on your computer, but will need a microphone or built in)

By Phone: (1) DIAL:  1-312-626-6799   (2) ENTER MEETING # 836 8240 6789 (Different code for each event)

Mingo UMC News

DSCN0098The people make up the Church — we are the Body of Christ. In some ways, we are similar and in other ways we are different. Yet one thing unites us together — our commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. That common bond has changed our lives. It helps us understand that we are called to a special mission and to be a special people in the world.


New members and friends are always welcome at Sunday school and church and are invited to share in the organizations and activities of our church. Each person in our midst has unique gifts and talents. We hope that the information on this website will help each of us in supporting one another in our common mission as servants of Jesus Christ because we are truly…Blessed beyond measure!

  • null

    RUSH YF – Our youth fellowship group builds character and reinforces Christ through meaningful youth fellowship and missions. We enjoy monthly meetings and fellowship at church, community events and concerts. Join us for food, faith & fun!

  • null

    Christmas Program 2015 – The children of the church present an annual Christmas program.

  • null

    Volunteering in the Community – Our church is an active presence in several local and international missions.
  • null

    Vacation Bible School – Camp Kilimanjaro – Kids sing & perform for parents during our closing night program.

Worship Times

  • 9:30 amSunday School
    (Children, Youth & Adult Classes)
  • 10:45 am – Worship
  • Communion – Served the 1st Sunday of each month
  • Bible & Book Studies
  • Church Night Activities
    (Check calendar for specific dates & times)

2nd Saturday of the month:

  • RUSH Youth Fellowship, 3:30 – 6:00 pm
All Are Welcome — Join Us!

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