Mingo UMC Greeter & Scripture Rotations

Please make arrangements for a substitute if you are unable to fulfill your opportunity and advise Pastor of the change as soon as sub arrangements are made.


1          Bob & Lori Pease                                                                    Carol Kimberley

8          Rodney Altes & Lowell Halfhill                                             Diana Halfhill

15        Mildred Borts & Marie Molyneau                                         Bob Leonard

22        Lowell Halfhill & Kent McKee                                              Jeri Heffelfinger

29        Donna Beals & Janice Gregerson                                            Janice Gregerson

2019 Communion Stewards Schedule

August 4          Carol

September 1     Theresa

October 6        Dawn

November 3     Ione

December 1     Carol