Christ With Us – The Adventures of Flat Jesus

screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-12-17-19-pmThe children and youth of our churches invite everyone to participate in “The Adventures of Flat Jesus” throughout this year. As Christians, we are called to keep Christ at the center of our lives and to spread the gospel wherever we go. This year, we are learning how we can each be a NEW CREATION in Christ and we are encouraged to take Jesus along on all of our travels… and to tell everyone about it with our pictures!

“Who Is Flat Jesus?”

The original “flat” character was Flat Stanley, star of a book written by Jeff Brown in which a boy has remarkable adventures after waking up one day to discover he is flattened to half-an-inch thick. This was the beginning of the Flat Stanley project in schools to help children with literacy and geography. From this grew the Flat Jesus project.

The Flat Jesus Project

screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-12-17-23-pmFlat Jesus reminds us to keep Christ at the center of our lives even (or especially) when we are far from our church home, or simply experiencing everyday activities in our regular lives. This helps reinforce the knowledge that we can live as Christians every day of the week, not just on Sunday morning. As you are out and about this year, take Jesus along for the adventure. You’ll love taking Flat Jesus out to dinner or the park, the grocery store or a football game – or to more exotic locations such as a special out-of-state trip – wherever you and your family go. Then document the adventures with pictures you share with our church family. This project is for EVERYONE, not just
families with children.screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-12-17-12-pm

Our Sunday school children & youth are starting us off with this project and will be making several Flat Jesuses on our kick-off day and the first few Sunday school classtimes. They will learn about the reasoning behind the project and
have a chance to color their own Flat Jesus. We will also make some for the rest of the congregation.

Once you’ve picked up your Flat Jesus, be sure and take him everywhere you go and take lots of photos. Share your pictures on our Facebook page or email them to to be uploaded to our website. Talk with family and friends about what you and Flat Jesus experienced. So, let’s start this adventure today – think about what it means to be a “new creation in Christ” and try your hand at being a “creator” by designing your own Flat Jesus.screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-12-17-16-pm

Join in the fun!





Download the Flat Jesus files and get started today!

Click here to download a PDF.



See where Jesus is going!

pic1 pic2a pic2b
Flat Jesus came along to the joint Mingo-Farrar Evangelism committee meeting. Donna Beals and son, John, took Flat Jesus to Snack Time Restaurant in Nevada to eat with them. Donna Beals took Flat Jesus with her to play Bridge in Baxter. Pictured is Donna and Bev Burry.
By the Fire inthegarden Let me drive
By the fire.
In the garden.
Let me drive.
Take time to smell the Roses

What A FAN we have in Jesus

Take time to smell the roses. What a fan we have in Jesus. Helping outside
Relaxing in Branson!
flat3 flat2  


Flat Jesus having lots of fun on the farm at Great Grandma Karen Carney’s.